The social hub

The social hub is a temporary educational, humanitarian and cultural space that functions on the basis of Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC).

Before the outbreak of the full-scale war, DCCC functioned as a cultural center, focusing on international cooperation and working with the local context. Exhibitions, festivals, educational programs, residencies for artists, art and urban projects took place here. On February 24, DCCC temporarily stoped its activities, and already in March it turned into a social hub for local residents and internally displaced persons.

Since then, we have been organizing events that promote communication between the city's various communities and integration of internally displaced persons, have been supporting Ukrainian artists, and have been providing space for research and understanding of the Ukrainian culture and identity.

Areas of activity

Discussion program

How to talk about the war during the war? How does violence transform society and affect art, educational and cultural processes? During public discussions together with Ukrainian experts, we will try to understand the current challenges facing communities and institutions. Referring to themes of historical legacy, solidarity, materiality, ethics, geography, geology, economics and law, we talk about words, images, memory and the legacy of the war in the context of culture. Together we try to characterize the new common experience that we acquire and share with each other.

Ukrainian speaking club

The speaking club is created for people who want to improve their communication skills in Ukrainian and find like-minded people. During meetings, we talk about various topics, including independent cinema, modern education, the Ukrainian cities, traditions and much more. This is a place where you can just have a good time and make friends and at the same time overcome the language barrier by starting to speak Ukrainian in a comfortable environment.

Film program "Front-line geographies"

"Front-line geographies" is a series of events that, through the experience of collective viewing and discussion of films, will try to understand the issues of new community and emotional maturity in times of the war. The program was created in cooperation with the Dovzhenko Center, curated by film experts Alona Penzli and Oleksandr Teliuk.

The structure of the program is built around three cross-cutting themes, each of which has gained special relevance after February 24, 2022. The first is a new geographical thinking and visual images of Ukrainian cities that were most affected by the war, evacuation and destruction during the full-scale Russian invasion. The second is post- and decolonial narratives, which are now being sharply formed in the Ukrainian society. The third is the phenomenology of fear and its screen genre dimensions. With separate special events, the program offers a fresh look at the latest Ukrainian cinema.

Workshops for teenagers and adults

During a series of workshops in the social hub, teenagers and adults will be able to acquire new skills and work in various techniques. In particular, workshops on DJing, graphics,  printing on a machine, mosaics and animation are planned.